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F-Secure Privacy Policy


This Safe Profile Privacy Policy is given by F-Secure Corporation, a Finnish publicly listed corporation with Business ID 0705579-2 ("F-Secure", "we", "our"). This policy also applies to all subsidiaries of F-Secure Corporation.

This policy describes the principles and practices that apply to our processing of identifiable Personal Data of our customers in our Safe Profile service and is an add-on to our privacy policy for services.

Depending on what F-Secure services and software you use and on your other interaction with us, some sections of this privacy policy may not apply to you or may apply to you only in part.

Relation to privacy policy for services

This policy details the types of data collected as part of the Safe Profile service and the purposes of use. The other aspects of processing of your personal data are identical to those set out in F-Secure privacy policy for services.

Note that if you simply use your social media account to access multi-platform F-Secure services, such as our content management services, or use our support services from social media, evaluation / purchase then privacy policy for services shall be applied instead.

Types of personal data collected and processed

Once you subscribe to the Safe Profile application, we collect the following information from your social media profile:

Basic information on you as collected by the social media platform; such as your email address, hobbies/interests, birth date, education history, groups you belong to, hometown location, relationship information, subscribers/subscribes, work history, personal website URL and other substantially similar information provided in the social media platform.

We also collect information about you and your friends' / contacts' activities in the social media; such as user ID's associated with your account, user ID of your friends accounts in your friends list, wall posts and news feed stories, the number and type of shared links and the links themselves list of attended/going to attend events, notes, photos and video, status updates, contacts' description, contacts' birthday, contacts' education history, contacts' hometown, contacts' work history and other substantially similar information provided in the social media platform.

How your personal data is used

We will use the above collected data to provide you with a measurement how secure / private social media profile you have, a list of vulnerabilities and the possible effects of said vulnerabilities and information on fixing the same. To do this we need to analyze the data collected and may also need to store your information for a limited time to the extent it is necessary for this purpose.

We also use it such data for identifying you as an authorized user and managing the services and diagnose technical matters as necessary to provide, maintain, enhance and ensure the functioning of the services.

Besides this primary need, we may also use the collected data for the purposes listed in the privacy policy for services. This may also include use of data for marketing purposes, in accordance to principles set out therein.

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