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Banking Protection — secure online banking with F-Secure Internet Security

"I'm proud to offer YOU the safest online banking experience ever"

Sarogini Muniyandi

Quality Engineer

Scanning Platform

Cybercriminals are stealing millions from consumer bank accounts every year. With Banking Protection from F-Secure, we're stealing their thunder.


of consumers do online banking

"Criminals follow the money"

With people banking online, there has been a real increase in cyber attacks using malware called banking trojans. With a banking trojan, an attacker can steal your ID, password, and personal information - everything needed to get into your account and steal your money.

85% are afraid of doing online banking via public PCs or via open wireless networks

Timo Hirvonen, Anti-Malware Analyst, F-Secure Labs

Klas Kindström, Senior Project Manager, F-Secure Development

“Do you think your account is already secure? Think again”

Since most banks have heavy security protecting your account, hackers try to gain access through the weakest link – your browser. Even your normal security can’t always stop them, so you won’t know anything is wrong until it’s too late.

35% are not confident that their bank offers enough for safe banking

“F-Secure Internet Security — keeping your money safe with Banking Protection feature”

Banking Protection is your own private security guard ensuring all your transactions are safe and private. It elevates your security settings during your online banking session for extra protection. So your money is safe in your account, no surprises. 

Veli-Jussi Kesti, Senior Manager, F-Secure Development