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Case studies

F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway –the price competitive problem solver

Company: Familjebostäder
Industry: Municipal housing
Platform: Windows Exchange
Utilized products: F-Secure Client Security, F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway X series
Users: 430 PCs

“This is an intelligent product  - with its automatic updates and deep analysis of spam, it’s made my life a lot easier. I would have been happy with 70 percent spam reduction but now I get 90 percent – maybe more. I’d give the product ten out ten. So far so good!”
-Morten Glörud, IT support manager for servers and PCs, Familjebostäder

Company overview

Familjebostäder is owned by Stockholm City authorities and is responsible for building municipal housing and property. Presently the organisation maintains 22 000 rental apartments and some commercial buildings all around Stockholm. It employs approximately 400 people, each of which has his/her own PC terminal and email account. Given the broad range of employees online and the general distribution of offices around Stockholm (four large offices and 50 smaller offices), IT staff are faced with certain challenges to maintain vigilance within their network against such things as spam intrusion and other threats.

The requirement

Between 2004 and 2006, spam was making an alarming build-up in the email servers of the company. At its peak, every third email in the inboxes of employees at Familjebostäder was spam and the situation was getting worse. As much as one hour per day was spent in dealing with help desk calls but administrative restrictions and an older MS Outlook client prevented the usage of software filtering for spam. The requirement was for a price competitive, easy to maintain, automated hardware solution that could be brought in house to reduce spam load in the email system and free IT resources for other tasks.

The solution

“When I noticed that F-Secure had a hardware solution against spam, I was pretty sure it (F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway) was what I wanted. Spam was becoming a very big problem but I was prepared to wait several months for the solution,” notes Morten Glörud. He continued that he had considered other options including outsourcing email to be filtered by a third party company but rejected the idea for security reasons. “I was under a lot of pressure to deliver but since the installation of F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway, I’ve been very happy and so too have my clients in the organisation.”

The result

Upwards of 90 percent of all spam targeting the email servers of Familjebostäder is now effectively filtered out by F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway. Help desk calls have dropped to an absolute minimum and IT resources have been freed to do other tasks. Open communication about the spam problem and its solution has led to a positive development in relations between IT and their clientele and a happier organisation. Any spam messages that get through are sent back to IT to be added to their signature list thus increasing the organisation’s ability to fight off all spam.

Key messages

“F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is an intelligent product that does the job automatically without my intervention.”
“The product frees up my time resources. Now I can concentrate on dealing with the servers while my boss is able to look at the spam blocked in easy to understand diagrams and statistical breakdowns.”
F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is good value for money. I did my research and it is a very price competitive solution.”
“I trust F-Secure – we have used their products for at least eight years and from an IT perspective it makes sense to keep security matters down to one vendor.”
-Morten Glörud, IT support manager for servers and PCs, Familjebostäder

Download the case study as PDF:

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