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Case studies

F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway – the magic bullet that shoots down spam

Company: FörlagsSystem AB



Industry: Book distribution serving the Swedish publishing world
Utilized products: F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway X series, F-Secure Management Server, F-Secure Anti-Virus Client Security
Users: approx. 100

“We get something like 2000 emails a day. Before we took the messaging gateway, 50 percent of those were spam. We installed the appliance ourselves and it was like a magic bullet. The spam disappeared and so did the complaints from our people. We were very impressed with its performance – it’s a near 100% spam filter with no false positives.”
-Jurgen Eichler, Head of IT at FörlagsSystem AB

Company overview

Established in 1989 in Stockholm, FörlagsSystem AB is a third party logistics company dealing with the distribution of some 20 million books to the Swedish reading public through a network of 100 publishers, various book stores and some 25 book clubs. With the switchover in recent years to email as a key channel for ordering and communicating with their clientele, securing the channel against disruption was extremely important. In the frontline were two busy call centres responsible for bookstores and book clubs for which spam was becoming an increasingly problematic issue – a phenomenon, which started two years previously in 2004.

The requirement

The IT manager at FörlagsSystem AB required an automated hardware solution to filter out the increasing amounts of spam clogging up his company’s email systems – particularly those concerned with customer care and the company’s call centres. Despite earlier attempts to curb the spam problem with software solutions, it became clear that a faster, more accurate automated hardware solution was needed to ensure spam-free business productivity and a lighter load on IT helpdesk enquiries.

The solution

F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway X series was offered to the company as a 14-day free trial. Within the short time it took to install the hardware and get it running the company’s email was soon free of spam. The previous attempt at dealing with spam using software filtering was complicated, inaccurate and time-consuming for IT and also resulted in legitimate mails being filtered or blocked needlessly. The F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway solved all these problems quickly and efficiently.

The result

A fast, immediate and permanent reduction in spam with successful filtering figures approaching 99 percent. As a result, IT workloads have been reduced and the day to day business of customer care and communication has been made faster and more efficient.

Key messages

“F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway is a plug and play intelligent solution It worked at once and my first impression of it was that it was a 100 percent spam filter with the ability to separate spam from non spam.”
“The box needs no maintenance – as a hardware solution, it is much more effective than any software counterpart.”
“For us in IT, it’s a time saving device and also for our helpdesk for whom spam was interrupting their day to day business.”
“In terms of price competitiveness it’s very good – almost an ideal product. We did some calculations and it showed that our savings exceeded the investment we made. If you slice the investment into work hours, we’re still winning.”
-Jurgen Eichler, Head of IT at FörlagsSystem AB

Download the case study as PDF:

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