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Case studies

Green House benefits from centralized security management

Customer: Green House Co. Ltd.



Industry: Food service
Users: Approximately 4,400
Client sites under contract: Approximately 1,600
Solution: F-Secure Antivirus for Workstation, F-Secure Antivirus for Windows Server, F-Secure Policy Manager

Passion for “Safety and Assurance”

Green House provides contract food services to government offices, corporate offices, factories, hospitals, nursing homes and schools, as well as undertaking management and consulting work for restaurants and hotels. The company’s business has grown significantly over the years, making security administration and maintenance more complex.

“Green House had 100 computers in our office 13 years ago and today we have around 3,500. We are responsible for operating our services at 1,600 client sites and in recent years our overseas business has also increased. Being in the food service industry, our number one priority is in ‘safety and assurance’, and that includes IT security,” explains Yoshito Sato, Information System Division Manager at Green House.

Growing business led to security challenges

Green House has been using F-Secure solutions for ten years. “We considered three security products and selected F-Secure because their solution was extremely fast, responsive, efficient, and affordable,” says Yoshita Sato. “At first, we simply had F-Secure Anti-Virus Workstation running individually on each computer, but last year we decided to implement F-Secure Anti-Virus Workstation Server to solidify our security.”

More and more computers were needed as the business expanded, which meant security updates and maintenance became a challenge. The company’s IT team had their hands full and, as a result, virus definitions were not being updated in a timely fashion. “With all this going on, we couldn’t really gauge the overall security of our system. In order to counter the problems, we decided to implement Policy Manager because of its central management and automatic virus definition distribution functions,” says Sato.

Policy Manager makes things smooth

F-Secure Policy Manager has made Green House’s IT security system more effective and easier to manage. “Everything became smooth. Virus definitions are now automatically distributed, and we do not have to worry if each computer is secure or not anymore. We can also check the security status of each computer using Policy Manager, so we do not have to waste time requesting and manually checking scan reports like before,” explains Sato. With Policy Manager, there is no need to physically visit remote systems to install, update or configure security software.

Sato also appreciates Policy Manager for identifying any security problems fast and efficiently. “If one computer is infected with a virus, the source of the infection can be identified quickly and the infection can be prevented from spreading. Previously when there was no central management, infections had to be reported on an individual basis and pinpointing the source was difficult,” he says.

Dedicated security

Policy manager can change and distribute security policies to the entire organization in minutes, which ensures fast reaction times to emerging security threats. By locking down security settings on workstations, Policy Manager also prevents end-users from disabling the protection. Policy manager also generates extensive reports on security alerts and network status.

Thanks to Policy Manager, Green House’s dedicated approach towards food safety and assurance is now matched by an equally strict IT security regime, making sure that all the company’s computer systems are safe and protected.


Download the case study as PDF:

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