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Case studies

Why Clinique de l'Yvette chose F-Secure to protect its IT equipment

Customer: Clinique de l'Yvette



Industry: Health care
Users: 95 workstations, 3 servers
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business

Modern hospital

Clinique de l'Yvette is a private obstetrics and surgical care institute in Paris, France, owned by a group of specialist doctors. Founded more than 40 years ago, this private hospital received its Accreditation and Certification from the French National Authority for Health in 2006. The hospital expanded in 2007 and is now three times bigger than before, complete with modern equipment and a team of experienced doctors.

The security challenge

As a health care facility, Clinique de l’Yvette must maintain a high level of security to make sure its IT infrastructure operates properly, and its sensitive data remains protected.

As part of the development of the hospital and the modernization of its equipment, Clinique de l’Yvette decided to review its IT infrastructure and security set-up. Lacking sufficient IT resources and not wanting to undertake costly investments, Clinique de l’Yvette searched for an efficient and easy-touse solution that could be tailored to its needs. This is how Marc Drion, the Head of IT and Telecommunications at the clinic, discovered the F-Secure Protection Service for Business solution.

Ideal security solution

F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB) is a complete security solution specifically designed for small and medium companies. Its automated operations allow clients to forget about software and virus definitions updates, as well as server management. For a private hospital, the service as a subscription model provides a high level of security without requiring hardware or staff investments. F-Secure PSB outsources management and security to a certified IT partner, which enables Clinique de l’Yvette to focus on its real priorities: taking care of its patients.

A web management portal makes it easy to monitor the security and F-Secure hosts the infrastructure required for the solution to work on a subscription basis. PSB saves Clinique de l’Yvette both time and money.

Efficient central management

“We deployed F-Secure Protection Service for Business on 95 workstations and 3 servers,” explains Marc Drion. “The high level of security provided by this solution protects us efficiently against viruses and spyware, and the web portal helps to effectively monitor our IT infrastructure. The firewall, antispam, intrusion prevention and application control features allow us to refine our security policies. Automated reports keep us instantly informed about the security status of our entire network and simplify management, compared to traditional solutions. We also appreciate the extensibility of the solution allowing us to easily add licenses anytime.”

“No hardware investment was required. Therefore, we naturally chose the F-Secure PSB solution.”


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