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Case studies

Ease of business is the key

Our Service Partner: Midland Computers Ltd

Alchemy Systems

The solution: F-Secure Business License products
The Customers: Small to medium businesses in the UK

Benefits of the solution:

- 100 amount of SMB customers for Confectionary Mailing - 2494 email list sent for F-Secure Follow Up


About Midland Computers

Midland Computers Ltd is a successfully established IT solutions company based centrally in Shropshire in the United Kingdom offering business to business services for all IT related requirements. Catering for a wide range of national and local clients requiring varied skill sets, Midland Computers provide their customers with the best products and services in the industry.

Celebrating a 10th Anniversary in 2009, Midland Computers has seen steady organic expansion, building on an excellent reputation and offering an exceptional range of services which extends well beyond basic hardware and software.

They provide specialist hardware and business software solutions, Anti-virus, anti-spam and disaster recovery solutions, web development, broadband and telecommunications to name a few!

Midland Computers have supplied their customers with F-Secure's complete end to end security solutions for over 7 years.

Great products with unique vendor support

Midland needed a complete security solution that could fulfil their customers' requirements. F-Secure's products were not only compliant in providing great end-to-end security, to cover all of their customers devises, the products are also easily integrated with Midland's current management system to allow simple reporting for the security status of their customers which suited Midland Computers need when choosing a security vendor.

"We have found that F-Secure manufacture some of the best security products out there, this is shown not only in the awards they've achieved over the years but in direct feedback from our customers themselves and that is why we actively recommend these products." Stated Nick Dodd, Sales Manager

Mr Dodd added, "F-Secure products are easy to use and are a highly effective solution against viruses, worms and Trojans, as well as against hackers, unauthorised intrusion attempts, spyware and spam. With so many threats nowadays, simple anti-virus is not enough. Managing over 250 customers we needed a solution that worked and we can trust."

More hands make less work

F-Secure recently provided Midland Computers with a dedicated lead generation campaign introducing Mobile Security to their customers and providing professional telesales support along with branded confectionary they then sent out to their customers. Midland received 199 potential leads including 29 hot leads with customers requesting a quote, booking a demo or taking a trial of the product.

Midland Computers were very pleased with the results. Mr Dodd stated, "The professionalism from F-Secure's telesales team was second to none and the results we received were even better than expected! This was a low cost, high return activity we would certainly be interested in doing again".

Mr Dodd concluded, "Midland Computers are very content with the products and support they receive from F-Secure. F-Secure's products suit our business needs, our customers are happy, the margins are good and the staff are helpful and competent. What more could we want?"


Download the case study as PDF: