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Case studies

SAMK boosted its security management with F-Secure solution

Customer: Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, SAMK



Solution: F-Secure Policy Manager 10 security management software used by SAMK to centrally manage security of its sites, networks and workstations.
Users: 2,300 user licenses

Benefits of the Solution

- Removed fragmentation and enabled central security management
- One tool is used for managing security in all SAMK networks
- Better cost-efficiency and economies of scale
- Allows customers to centralize expertise and respond faster to issues
- Saves IT management's efforts and also end-users' work time
- Positive experiences with F-Secure products

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, SAMK, is an internationally oriented university operating on the west coast of Finland. It provides education in 9 sites, located in 4 municipalities: Pori, Rauma, Huittinen and Kankaanpää. Its fields of study are Business and Culture, Social Services and Health Care, and Technology and Maritime Management.

There are some 6,500 students in the Satakunta University of Applied Sciences, with staff of 500 experts. The institution's revenue is 40 million Euros, and it is maintained by the City of Pori.

- We provide high-level education backed by our strong expertise. You can earn a bachelor's degree or master's degree at SAMK. We have 5 degree programs in English, and about half of the students are Finnish. We encourage our students to study abroad, tells Osmo Santamäki, IT Manager at SAMK.

- We seek to have strong collaboration with the local companies. Theses are usually commissioned by the companies. The majority of our students are from this region. They become for example sea captains, engineers, bachelors of hospitality management, bachelors of culture and arts, bachelors of business administration, nurses and bachelors of health care.

Needs for centralized security management

SAMK was formed earlier from many separately managed educational institutions. Therefore, security management was scattered too.

- Early on, we had F-Secure Policy Manager on each site. We wanted to remove fragmentation and manage our security from one place. It was challenging, so we utilized F-Secure's expertise. Our networks are segmented, we operate in a wide area and run a vast variety of activities, Santamäki explains.

 - We control certain types of access with the management tools. We have now reached consistency, removed fragmentation and centralized our expertise. These are the biggest benefits from the current security solutions. We make end-user's life easier. We maintain security primarily ourselves and use professional services as needed.

Managing all networks with Policy Manager

- Currently we have a centralized F-Secure Policy Manager 10 with a license for 2,300 workstations. Now we are able to use a single management tool for managing all our networks, says Santamäki.

- We have been familiar with F-Secure for a long time. We prefer Finnish solutions, and this contributed to our decision. We saved money, as we did not have to switch. Universities of Applied Sciences tendered for solutions, and F-Secure won the bid. Further consideration was not required.

- We needed professional help to solve issues. Fine-tuning these small details that have larger significance. Here I can recommend F-Secure's experts, Santamäki points out.

Centrally managed security saves time and money

With the centralized F-Secure Policy Manager solution SAMK removed isolation and was able to manage security consistently.

- We reached better cost-efficiency and economies of scale. We can centralize our know-how. Potential problems are now commonly known and we see issues that need to be addressed. We get all the necessary tasks professionally done at once, and we save time. From the manager‘s point of view, it is great to have yet another thing under control, says Santamäki with a twinkle in his eye.

- Thanks to managed security, right information is available to the right people, in right time and in right format. When security works properly, it does not slow down activities. There are work time savings for everyone, end-users included. This is one of the top benefits from F-Secure Policy Manager. Now we do not have unnecessary requests.

- We received instructions and support from F-Secure in our native language. This was nice. We prefer to do technical things in Finnish, although we are skilled in English. It is easier to work in Finnish, especially when unraveling difficult details.

SAMK is satisfied with F-Secure service

Satakunta University of Applied Sciences is a long-time customer of F-Secure. F-Secure protection covers SAMK servers and workstations as a whole.

- I have worked here since 2003. Back then, we were already F-Secure's customer. We have had other providers too. In this respect, we are now an F-Secure house.

- We protect our email servers with F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange solution. It protects our internal email traffic against malware. We need internal protection, because students use the SAMK network with their own machines. Our network has been segmented to several virtual networks separated by firewalls.

- We have renewed our contract on F-Secure products for two years. We can recommend F-Secure to others too. I am satisfied with F-Secure service. It has been an easy way to handle this matter, says Santamäki.

Download the case study as PDF:

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