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Support services

Standard Business Support

At F-Secure Customer Service, we are passionate about your security and fully committed to provide you the very best support regardless of the size of your organization. We ensure that you get the most from our excellent products - and that all the potential issues are addressed and resolved quickly and efficiently.

Our security support is straightforward and reliable. We provide complete support for the full duration of our licenses, without annual size or order requirements, limits or hidden cut-offs.

F-Secure customer support is available in nine languages globally, with local partners providing support in regional languages where available.

You also have access to our online tools, such as Health Check, Online Scanner and Easy Clean. You can stay informed and connected through F-Secure Community and various blogs by our security experts and analysts, as well as high-quality articles, such as Threat Reports and Vulnerability Reports.

Whatever your issue might be, you can contact us or our local partner. F-Secure Standard Business Support offers you the right information, tools and programs, provided by trained security professionals.


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