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Protection Service for Email

Complete defense against email threats

Today, businesses face more complex email threats than spam. Low-volume, targeted email attacks represent one of the most dangerous IT threats. Many of the large, widely publicized data breaches in recent years have started with a single, carefully crafted email that tricked a recipient into installing malware or divulging their login credentials.

Protection Service for Email provides a complete defense against all of these threats. It also protects your confidential company data and encrypts your important messages.

Best-in-class detection of private data

With our email encryption, secure communication is just as easy as traditional, non-encrypted messaging. Our solution automatically encrypts and decrypts messages based on your organization’s policies. Email encryption is necessary for any organization that wants to protect its sensitive data.

The Data Loss Prevention (DLP) feature detects certain types of confidential content, for example credit card and social security numbers. DLP can also be configured to recognize company-specific confidential documents. If an outgoing email contains any information that has been classified as confidential, the system can be set to automatically block the message or to encrypt it.

  • Automatically applies encryption based on an organization’s policies
  • Encryption works without downloading or installing additional client software
  • Works with any email client

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