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Messaging Security Gateway

E-mail filtering and protection for inbound and outbound traffic

F-Secure Messaging Security Gateway provides complete protection for e-mail communication. It blocks unwanted and harmful messages and significantly reduces the possibilities of data leakage. Messaging Security Gateway provides powerful protection for your network against spam, viruses, connection-level attacks and other security threats that target the corporate e-mail infrastructure.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP) modules can be configured to search for certain types of confidential content, for example credit card numbers and social security numbers. The DLP modules can also learn to recognize company-specific confidential documents. If an outgoing e-mail contains any information that has been classified as confidential, the system can - depending on the configuration - automatically block the message or encrypt it.

  • Data Loss Prevention modules to search for standard and customer-specific confidential data.
  • Integrated and easy to use e-mail encryption.
  • Advanced machine learning technology for unrivalled anti-spam effectiveness.
  • High content filtering accuracy for inbound and outbound messaging.
  • Saves time for IT administrators and reduces support calls.
  • Available as a physical or virtual appliance (VMWare).

IT administrators can create base policies for different user groups and give rights to end users to manage their own e-mail quarantine, blacklists and whitelists.

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