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Messaging Security Gateway

Features & benefits

  • Easy to install, manage and maintain.
  • Low cost of ownership and 3-year on-site warranty for the appliance.
  • Email encryption that works with any mail program.
  • Full integration with Microsoft Exchange.
  • Data Loss Protection (DLP) to minimize the leakage of confidential data.
  • Boosts productivity as employees focus on work-related e-mails.
  • Reduces workload on mail servers.
  • Highly accurate in identifying spam, with low rate of falsely tagging real e-mail as spam.
  • Easy scalability - can be easily upgraded to be a cluster environment
  • Clusters can have agents that are physical or virtual appliances.
  • Over 45 reporting templates that can be deployed automatically via e-mail or directly to a web page.
  • GUI customization of the summary page with the information you need.
  • Multiple policies are available.
  • Automatic updates mean no need for daily adjustments.
  • Automatic updates for new software versions with no need to renew your license.
  • Integrates with enterprise identity management systems like Active Directory and Domino Directory.

Manage your security

Easy and effective management tool for all licenses.

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