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Security as a service:

A better way to keep your clients protected.





Selling your clients security as a service brings them peace of mind with maximum flexibility.


And it brings you maximum business with minimum fuss.


Sales Director, F-Secure

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The world's best security.

At your service.


Offering your clients security as a service means they'll outsource their security to the IT experts who trusts you.

The service model is a more flexible model that doesn't rely on licenses and ownership, but uses subscriptions that can easily be ramped up or down and transferred from one seat to another.

You manage your customers' subscriptions and settings, using F-Secure's easy, powerful tools. We host the security solutions and keep your customers up-to-date automatically. Your customers focus on their business. The only surprise is how simple it all is.

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Get to know our products

Our entire award-winning security portfolio is available as a service, so you can offer your clients peace of mind in a flexible subscription tailored to meet their needs.

Powerful protection without slowing down your clients' laptops and desktops – whether PC or Mac – and you can provide them with the help they need easily and quickly. Read more

Fighting malware can be costly and time-consuming once it has entered a corporate network. F-Secure's solutions for Windows, Citrix and Linux servers give powerful protection against all types of malware. Read more

People's habits are changing: mobile devices are increasingly used for everything from confidential data to shopping online. People change their devices often, too – and keeping them protected through our service model saves you time and effort. Read more


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More Business. Less Effort.

  • Profit

    Boost both profit and retention.

    F-Secure resellers experience higher margins and higher renewal rates by selling security as a service – up to 50% more profit and up to 98% renewal.

  • Support

    Get personal, step-by-step support.

    Just like you provide personal, trusted service to your clients, our F-Secure sales reps work one-on-one with you throughout. If you'd like to be on a first-name basis, that's just fine.

  • Driver seat

    Stay in the driver's seat.

    You always have control of your clients' accounts - we simply provide you excellent tools for managing all aspects of their security, from system-level to individual profiles.

  • Inventory

    Receive inventory just in time: when you click.

    No need to stock up on licenses and boxes – provision new devices easily, quickly, and automatically. Order with a click, provision with a click, bill with a click, relax with a click.

  • Case study

    Read how SerMoIT became a pioneer in the provision of Security as a Service to its customers

    Based in Torsås, Sweden, SerMoIT AB is strongly rooted in the business sector of counties Kalmar and Blekinge. The company has a strong customer base in local commerce and provides a number of different IT services and solutions, sometimes with security included.
    SerMoIT was a pioneer in the provision of Security as a Service to its customers.

    The CEO of SerMoIT AB, Peter Sjöstrand  tells their story:

    " We chose to utilize F-Secure Protection Service for Business (PSB) to develop and package our own security services to our customers. We wanted to provide a complete service that includes everything from workstation security to protection at the gateway, and chose to build it on F-Secure's solution. Our service includes all the components required to make sure that IT security operates as smoothly as possible for the end-users. In addition to the security software, our service also includes installation, support and the proactive monitoring of our customers’ IT environment for defect discovery".

    Close relationship and personal touch matters

    "We in SerMoIT place great importance on establishing and maintaining a close relationship with our customers and on making IT security simple for our customers. At an early stage, we began to look for a supplier who could meet our high demands on flexibility, commitment and reliability, with a personal touch on business matters."

    Local support and good margins

    "In 2005, the company began its partnership with F-Secure to provide IT security.
    Choosing the right supplier was a crucial decision for SerMoIT. Our fundamental approach is that the products we provide should follow the latest standards and be easy to adapt as mobile communications evolve. F-Secure products come with real-time protection. They have achieved top rankings in a number of independent surveys and even won Product of the Year awards.
    F-Secure provides us with Swedish support and good margins. We see that the personal commitment of F-Secure, as our supplier, is a strong benefit in our work. It allows us to reach out to our market and our customers in a very successful and profitable way".


We're easy to talk to.

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  • Shelby
    Channel Manager

The service model saves time and money. Maybe it's time you became an F-Secure service reseller. Leave us your contact details and we'll get in touch.