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Case studies

Receptum Oy - F-Secure's solution saves our customer's time and money

Service Provider: Receptum Oy



Industry: IT solutions for medical care
Solution: F-Secure Protection Service for Business
Users: Pharmacies, dentists and doctors as well dental and medical clinics

Receptum Oy is a company specialized in IT solutions for medical care. The company delivers comprehensive IT solutions to meet the needs of pharmacies, dentists and doctors as well as dental and medical clinics.

In 2006, Receptum's turnover was about EUR 4.3 million and it employed 40 people. About half of the personnel are medical care professionals.

Receptum Brings Security as a Service to Pharmacies

Receptum Oy, a company specialized in information technology for medical care, provides IT solutions to meet the requirements of pharmacies, dentists and doctors as well as dental and medical clinics. The company is owned by its management, the pharmacy chain Yliopiston Apteekki and other chains of private pharmacies.

Expert in Information Systems for Medical Care

Receptum offers its customers complete information technology solutions, software and hardware together with their service and maintenance services. The company's clients include some 50% of Finnish pharmacies and a substantial share of the dental and medical clinics.

- Our customers do not have to be experts in information technology. Since we have to know the nature of the customer's business and the legal requirements, our service combines medical care with IT expertise. That is our prime asset, says Helena Kipinoinen from Receptum.

- The customers don't like making any changes to their computers. They don't want to update their security solution by themselves from the Internet. Having one company, Receptum, to call on all IT matters is the most convenient and easy way for the customers. From us, they receive the complete service they need.

Reliable Security as a Service by F-Secure

F-Secure Protection Service for Business is a security solution provided as a service. It protects workstations, servers, and laptops against malware and spam. The service also protects against new and unknown threats. Receptum offers F-Secure security to its customers as a turnkey service.

- Our customers want to secure their IT systems containing confidential information, but small companies do not have in-house security expertise. They are interested in obtaining security as a service, because it is easy, safe and updated automatically. This is why our customers protect their entire operational systems with the F-Secure solutions we provide.

- 95% of companies in the pharmacy segment choose the security service we offer, together with support, emphasizes Kipinoinen.

Quality and Ease of Use Matter the Most

Within Receptum's customer companies, decisions on purchasing IT and information security are made by company owners, pharmacists, dentists and medical clinic management. The factors that matter the most are quality, ease of use and price.

- Our customers received the idea of security as a service very well. We provided them with clear instructions and installation media, making it easy for them to deploy the F-Secure security service. After installation, security is automatically updated and always up-to-date.

- F-Secure's service solution is our kind of thing, fitting well to our ideology of comprehensive service and our product portfolio. We want to enable our customers to focus on their core business, while we take care of information security. Furthermore, F-Secure is practically the only security company providing service in Finnish language, explains Kipinoinen.

Security as a Service Saves Time and Money

Receptum monitors and manages the security service through a remote management portal. Thanks to remote management support, there is no need to physically visit the customer.

- The F-Secure solution helps our customers to save time, money and resources, enabling them to forget the technical things. Security as a service benefits us by increasing customer satisfaction.

- Now we can better ensure that our customers' security is always up-to-date and operating well. We intend to keep on providing F-Secure security solutions in the future too. Our next step will involve comprehensive remote management of our customers' IT systems. I believe there will be a demand for such service, adds Kipinoinen, clearly delighted.

Benefits of the solution for Receptum customers

• Always up-to-date, reliable security, updated by F-Secure
• Protects the confidential information in customer's IT systems
• Protecting the IT system does not require IT expertise from the customer
• Outsourced monitoring and management of the service frees up resources for customer's own business
• Easy, safe and automatically updated solution for IT infrastructure protection
• Saves time, money and resources, brings information security to customer's service solutions
• Security as a service does not require additional investments on hardware


Download the case study as PDF:

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