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Support services

PLUS services

In addition to the various support packages described above, F-Secure also offers highly-tailored additional services for businesses.

These services are always customized to suit the needs of individual businesses. Depending on the situation at hand, targets set and requirements specified, these services vary in content, scope and length.

Our highly-trained support personnel can provide you with a broad portfolio of technical training and comprehensive consultation services regarding our products and implementation of secure environments with F-Secure solutions.



F-Secure is one of the leading online security companies in the world. To get the most out of our award-winning products and to ensure that your personnel's level of expertise on F-Secure products and services as well as on online security in general is as profound as possible, we offer you our inclusive technical product training services.

We will help you to outline the scope your training needs. Together, we set the dates and duration of each training session, decide on the location and type of audience, and agree on the depth of detail and the topics to be covered in the training.



Whether you are a new F-Secure customer or an experienced user with a complex environment, F-Secure's consultation services offer you the best understanding and expertise in the field of digital security.

If you need help in deploying and managing your secure environment with F-Secure solutions or if you need assistance in getting the most out of our products and services in your environment, we are happy to place our expertise at your disposal.

Our experienced support personnel provides consultation services for multiple situations and in several ways, for example on-call support during changes in environment, assistance through remote connection, and even on-site assistance.

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