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Powerful protection for servers and email

The server and email security products feature the world’s best security along with improved performance and usability. Improved security brings the solution to the same level as F-Secure’s client solutions, which have been rated to provide the best protection in the world.  

  • Ultimate protection for companies’ most critical components against spam, malware and other internet threats
  • Proactive security features like behavior analysis and cloud-based white and black lists with DeepGuard technology. DeepGuard has a proven detection record from independent 3rd party testing organizations.
  • Browsing Protection protects from harmful websites and attacks through browsers
  • Centrally managed solutions work silently in the background
  • The integrated Software Updater offers an additional layer of protection
  • Minimizes impact on virtualized environments by offloading scanning to a dedicated Scanning and Reputation Server (Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments)
  • Protection for servers is also available in the Business Suite and Protection Service for Business

Server Security

The product includes award-winning F-Secure technologies to protect file servers against malware without slowing down the systems. It provides enhanced cloud-based protection with DeepGuard.

E-mail and Server Security

The product additionally offers anti-virus and malware protection for email, including spam control, Browsing Protection for terminal users and centralized quarantine management.

Linux Security Server Edition

The solution includes integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, integrity checker, protection against rootkits, as well as comprehensive support for all major Linux distributions.

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