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First line of defense against evolving security threats

Most malware attacks utilize software vulnerabilities. Servers and email are still very common targets for the attacks, even with social networks getting an increasing share. Since the consequences of a security breach can be staggering, even putting the whole business in danger, it pays to stop the attacks before they can even enter the company network.

Secure your communication - protection for servers, email and SharePoint

F-Secure products provide powerful real-time protection for email, file servers, EMC and SharePoint against the constantly evolving security threats, ensuring that infected computers don’t spread viruses across the network.

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Terminal servers / Citrix
  • SharePoint servers
  • EMC CAVA servers

We offer a packaged first line of defense. The products provide scheduled and on-demand scanning, anti-spam, and browsing protection and can be centrally managed with Policy Manager. The solution offers easy, trouble-free security for companies of various sizes.

Premium version for improved security

The products are available as a Standard or Premium version. The Premium versions include Software Updater for servers, which is a turn-key solution that offers increased protection against potential threats. The solution keeps 3rd party server software and the operating system up to date.


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