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Policy Manager features & benefits

Policy Manager is the easiest security management system available on the market and it is up and running in minutes. Security policies can be changed and distributed to the entire organization in minutes. Reaction times on emerging security threats are short and incidents can be avoided.

Protect your business efficiently

With Policy Manager, you can easily and efficiently manage your security solutions to avoid damage in your IT environment.

  • Policy enforcement settings prevent end-users from disabling protection
  • Detailed graphical reports provide extensive information on current protection status
  • Security policies can be defined and implemented with ease throughout the
    entire organization
  • The remote management of local quarantines enables the release or deletion of suspicious items found and quarantined on workstations
  • Scalable and efficient update distribution methods with options for peer-to-peer update delivery, proxies and fallbacks

Features to cover all security management needs

Policy Manager offers features to stay on top of things effortlessly.

  • F-Secure Business Suite solutions can be centrally and remotely managed with Policy Manager
  • Centralized management of installations, updates, upgrades and monitoring
  • Support for F-Secure DeepGuard and F-Secure Browsing Protection
  • Active Directory structure and hosts can be replicated directly into Policy Manager
  • Relevant security policies are automatically applied, when new hosts are added to the corporate network
  • Can be installed both on Windows and Linux platforms

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