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Case studies

3 Step IT switched to F-Secure protection

Customer: 3 Step IT



Employees: 137 (2009)
Solution: F-Secure Business Suite, including: F-Secure Client Security (antivirus and firewall), F-Secure Anti-Virus for Windows Servers (server protection), F-Secure Anti-Virus for Microsoft Exchange (e-mail server protection), F-Secure Policy Manager (centralized management)
Benefits of the Solution:
- Better, more complete security on laptops and servers
- Complete visibility for IT management, transparency for end users
- Centralized management has reduced IT administration work

3 Step IT is an international company specializing in the management of the acquisition, use and replacement of technology and other fixed assets. 3 Step IT's asset management services and after sales services for old equipment save time and money for the customers. Headquartered in Vantaa, Finland, the company has operations in 10 countries.

3 Step IT's Customer Care and Sales people are often on the road, with plenty of customer meetings. Practically everyone travels with a laptop to showcase the products when visiting the customer. Quotes and orders are entered on a computer in the office.

Additional security required

- We wanted to have antivirus and firewall in the same product. We needed an all-in-one solution that also includes Internet browsing protection. In F-Secure Business Suite, centralized management is more complete and has better features than the rival product we used before, says Lauri Kuittinen, Head of IT support at 3 Step IT.

3 Step IT utilizes F-Secure Business Suite in many ways. Laptops are protected by antimalware, firewall, application control, network quarantine and web scanning. Security of all computers is centrally managed with F-Secure Policy Manager.

- When we chose a security solution, ease of use and clear functional excellence mattered the most. F-Secure software gives us complete visibility but is transparent to end users. Security is automatically installed on a new computer when it is connected to our network, comments Kuittinen.

Making work easier for IT Management

- When we saw F-Secure Business Suite work in real life and were able to try it ourselves, we became assured that security by F-Secure is the best choice for us, says Kuittinen.

- My visit to F-Secure was a very positive and mentally uplifting experience. F-Secure people showcased their products and services comprehensively. I was left with a warm feeling after the meeting.

- We received good training on using the management tool. Afterwards, we deployed security ourselves on our computers. With easy-to-use management tools the solution was deployed without hassle.

- On longer term, there will be less IT administration work, and we can concentrate on other work activities. Automatic installation of the security software makes our work easier, comments Kuittinen.

Better security at a price that makes sense

- We compared the costs of security software and found that there are no considerable differences between competing products. We signed a 3-year agreement with F-Secure. There was no significant change in the cost of IT security. In the future, we will consider purchasing security also for our mobile phones, says Kuittinen.

- For end users, the software is lighter and consumes less system resources. Thanks to the on-computer firewall, security has improved significantly, specifically on those computers that travel outside of the office.

- I am satisfied with the whole process of purchasing and deploying security, as it proceeded with great flexibility and speed. It was very effortless for us, explains Kuittinen.

Download the case study as PDF:

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