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Case studies

Hundreds of hours a year saved

Customer: PC Dial



Solution: Protection Service for Business Workstation Security for PC and MAC, Home User Internet Security Package (purchased via retail).
Users: Small to medium businesses and organisations

Benefits of the Solution

- Reliable
- A high success rate on catching malware
- Remotely monitorable
- Allows you to force scans on a whole network of computers, minimizing the costs and scans that go along with manually scanning 100’s of computers.


F-Secure Protection Service for Business saves PC Dial time & money

PC Dial is a new proactive IT support company based just outside of Bristol, United Kingdom. Utilizing the latest in remote support software and proactive security management software (F-Secure Protection Service for Business) PC Dial is able to proactively manage a large number of SME IT systems, whilst maximizing efficiency and reducing customer down time. PC Dial are known for the ability to work with everyone from the old couple down the road to multinational and multi-base companies across the UK, as well as servicing a number of clients outside of the UK remotely.

Protection Service for Business minimizes manual work and costs

The directors of PC Dial have used F-Secure successfully in a number of companies and scenarios over the last 7 to 10 years. With a long experience of the product, PC Dial are perfectly placed to integrate the F-Secure range of products into any scenario. Having tested all of the major competitor products including Bit Defender, Symantec, AVG and Kaspersky, PC Dial can quite categorically say that F-Secure Protection Service for Business is the only product that is reliable, has a high success rate on catching malware, is remotely monitorable and that allows you to force scans on a whole network of computers, minimizing the costs and scans that go along with manually scanning 100’s of computers.

Centralized portal allows PC Dial to be proactive to threats

PC Dial implements the F-Secure Protection Service for Business across a number of SMEs and their computer network, allowing forced scans, constant network and security monitoring, allowing PC Dial to be proactive to threats.

”Protection Service by F-Secure is installed on every PC we monitor, not only does this mean that we have one centralized portal for managing our entire customer bases security, but it allows us to minimize time involved in scanning, updating and receiving status reports”, says Cai Alexander Thomas, Managing Director of PC Dial.

By implementing F-Secure Protection Service for Business PC Dial saves hundreds of hours a year through the simple automation of scanning and remote management of a huge number of customers’ computers.

Key Messages

PC Dial works within the IT support and computer repair market in England, United Kingdom.

A key example of the integration of F-Secure is into the largest bodyshop and car repair centre in the UK. Previously they had a menagerie of unconnected anti-virus solutions, managed by individual computer users. Now through proactive IT management and F-Secure, PC Dial now proactively and remotely manages the security of the computers. Not only by taking the stress of maintenance away from the individual users, but by reducing costs for the company as a whole.

”We intend on continuing with F-Secure as a brand and are looking to implement yet more Protection Service for Business for servers and for email server software. We are also looking to expand by offering the Protection Service software for our home workers, therefore enabling secure management of PCs in work and outside of work that are connecting in”, says Mr Thomas.

Download the case study as PDF: