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Case studies

CEMOI relies on F-Secure Business Suite to manage its distributed IT infrastructure

CEMOI, a French family controlled business and leading chocolate maker, employs 3,000 people and has offices in Europe and Africa. CEMOI is the leading chocolate bar seller in supermarkets and second industrial chocolate manufacturer in France. The company is entirely dedicated to the chocolate business, building its growth on acquisitions and preserving their unique expertise. Combining control over the industrial tools and raw materials with a close attention to market evolutions, allows CEMOI to respond efficiently to customer, manufacturer and consumer expectations. CEMOI encompasses all market needs by serving its brands, its distributor’s brands, entry prices and the chocolate industry with leading tools and innovations.


CEMOI has about 1,000 workstations in various factories and warehouses located throughout the world. In 2005, CEMOI used an IT security product which was unfit for a company with many geographical locations, and was experiencing difficulties managing a consistent antivirus infrastructure, possibly resulting in vulnerabilities. The company then looked for a solution better suited to its requirements and the configuration of its IT infrastructure. CEMOI hired Altranet, an IT contractor, which recommended F-Secure solutions.

It was vital for CEMOI to acquire an efficient security solution and a centralized management console; this is why the company's IT director was convinced to rely on F-Secure, a market leader in business antivirus with strong client recommendations. Altranet also provided service throughout the years.


CEMOI naturally chose F-Secure Business Suite and Policy Manager, its centralized management tool, offering a simple and scalable way to deploy applications, define and enforce policies, and monitor the entire infrastructure to ensure compliance with the company's security policy. The company's IT director can not only manage antivirus solutions centrally, but also all network and data protection solutions at every level of the infrastructure.

The F-Secure Business Suite solution used by CEMOI is a complete solution for workstation, server and gateway security. Its antivirus, antispyware, firewall and rootkit protection features based on multiple technologies providing proactive protection, such as network queries and advanced heuristics, secure CEMOI against known and unknown malware. Also, the new user interface simplifies and decreases administrative workload. Finally, the new browsing protection feature automatically blocks harmful sites and indicates which ones are safe to visit.

Thanks to F-Secure Policy Manager management console, CEMOI can update its remote workstations while reducing data transfers between the main server based in Perpignan, France, and all 60 servers distributed in other facilities. The F-Secure Policy Manager proxy is designed to distribute daily virus definitions database updates to remote offices using low bandwidth network connections. Updates are transferred once on the network, and distributed locally to remote workstations and servers, which considerably reduces daily updates download traffic.


“We deployed F-Secure Business Suite on 1,000 workstations and 60 servers. The management console allowed us instant response regarding security, and keeps us informed of our network’s security status” says Bruno Godard, CEMOI’s chief Information Officer.

Bruno Godard also states: "The management console is a major asset, as it not only manages antivirus solutions centrally, but also all network and data protection solutions at every level of the infrastructure. Administrators can deploy policy, configuration and installation files on the F-Secure Policy Manager server. They can also receive notifications about security breach attempts. Monitoring and managing 1,000 workstations has never been easier."
Customized and all-in-one packages were also a key point for CEMOI, to easily tailor the solution to its specific requirements, in particular regarding the installation of a firewall on every workstation.

Benefits for CEMOI

-Easy to manage solution saving time and money every day
-All-in-one solution supporting the company's needs
-Proven performance through independent testing and up-to-date protection
-Small footprint on user workstations with limited use of computer resources
-Very responsive F-Secure teams

Shared concerns

CEMOI and F-Secure have committed to minimize the environmental footprint of the company’s operations. F-Secure uses recyclable packaging and environment conscious printing methods, increases energy efficiency, recycles and reduces waste. CEMOI recently opened a "green" factory (opposite image).www.cemoi.com

Download the case study as PDF:

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