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Virtual & Cloud Security

Easy management for private and public clouds

For a service provider, cost efficiency and good service are critical for staying competitive. You can reduce hardware costs with the optimized performance of Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments. It allows you to reduce resource usage for virtual environments through a light security client with a small footprint for virtual machines.

SVCE supports all popular virtualization platforms, including mixed and hybrid environments with multiple virtual platforms.

Reduced complexity for virtual environments

You can manage all parts of the solution with Policy Manager, the same unified central management tool as the traditional clients. Standard F-Secure clients with built-in functionality are used for all endpoints, regardless of whether they are physical or virtual. All that needs to be added is the Scanning and Reputation Server, which can be easily deployed as a virtual appliance.

In addition, Security for Virtual and Cloud Environments offers affordable and flexible licensing. It has a simple pricing model and affordable total cost. Hardware cost savings are reached by less RAM, CPU, and disk space needed for the same amount of workload or by the capacity to run more workloads with the same hardware.

As an F-Secure service provider, you can offer a monthly invoicing model to your customers.