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Powerful e-mail and server protection

E-mail and Server Security features the world’s best security along with improved performance and usability. Improved security brings the solution to the same level as F-Secure’s client solutions, which have been rated to provide the best protection in the world.  

Easy protection with central management

The combination of email and server security in the same package makes the solution easy to install and maintain.The solution can be centrally installed, configured and managed through F-Secure Policy Manager.

E-mail and Server Security

The solution combines Windows and Microsoft Exchange malware protection. It includes enhanced cloud-based protection with DeepGuard, Browsing Protection for terminal users and centralized quarantine management. E-mail and Server Security supports the following servers:

  • Windows Server operating systems
  • Windows Terminal Servers
  • Microsoft Exchange Servers
  • Citrix Servers

Includes award-winning F-Secure technologies to protect file servers against malware without slowing down the systems.

Linux Security Server Edition

The solution includes integrated anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, integrity checker, protection against rootkits, as well as comprehensive support for all major Linux distributions. It also supports the scanning of messaging content in an established system that uses third party solutions.

Manage your security

Easy and effective management tool for all licenses.

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