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Gruppo Grigolin, a leading building material manufacturer, has been successfully using F-Secure's IT security solution for over four years.

Customer: Gruppo Grigolin



Industry: Construction
Solution: F-Secure Client Security
Users: Over 400 workstations, 16 servers
Solution: F-Secure Antivirus for Workstation, F-Secure Antivirus for Windows Server, F-Secure Policy Manager

Located in Ponte della Priula, near Treviso, Gruppo Grigolin (www.gruppogrigolin.com) is one of the most important players in the building market in Italy. Gruppo Grigolin first started as Fornaci Calce Grigolin, founded in 1963, and today the heart of the group is Grigolin Evoluzioni Costruttive. The group has always strived to increase its production capacity, make its offering more diverse, and seek technological innovation. Over the years, the group has transformed from a small lime kiln into a thriving business with 7 production plants, 12 warehouses, over 600 motor vehicles and 10 product lines.

The Problem

The presence of Gruppo Grigolin reaches from Triveneto in Northern Italy to Lazio in the Central region. The administrative organization and management are supported by an advanced IT network, which also includes some clients in Germany. Sensitive data travel in this network, so data security and protection are extremely important to the company.

Before selecting F-Secure, Gruppo Grigolin relied on an IT security solution from another provider, supplemented by free software. These products, however, did not meet security needs of the company. On the contrary, they consumed a lot of valuable time and resources, because IT staff was constantly solving conflicts between the antivirus software and other applications.

Piero Terzariol, Gruppo Grigolin’s IT manager, talks about the need of a change: “We needed a reliable and non-invasive solution that would allow us to remotely manage all clients – a key requirement for a distributed organization like ours.”

The Solution

First and foremost, Gruppo Grigolin needed to guarantee the total protection of sensitive data and gain centralized control of the security solution. In 2003, after carefully evaluating the different solutions on the market, the company selected F-Secure Client Security.

They immediately noticed some improvements: “The new solution had better remote control functions and saved our time significantly. We also realized that Client Security could detect a lot more viruses than the products we had used before”, says Piero Terzariol.

F-Secure Client Security was installed on all 110 computers used by the administration staff and management. Only the production systems were excluded, because they are not connected to the Internet.

F-Secure’s solution made it possible to create customized, user-specific profiles. For example, sales offices have more outbound communication than other departments, so their protection level was been set to maximum.

F-Secure’s support and service also received positive comments for being timely and clear. In four days, Gruppo Grigolin needed to contact them only once, which is further proof of the effectiveness of F-Secure’s solution.

Piero Terzariol would recommend F-Secure to any company: “A complex structure can’t do without solid IT protection and we got it, thanks to F-Secure.” He continues: “We have been using their technology for over 4 years and we intend to keep doing so in the future by upgrading to new versions as soon as they become available. We are currently taking F-Secure’s solution into use in handhelds as well, and we have received good feedback for it. Again, the solution combines protection with excellent centralized management.”


Download the case study as PDF:

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